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The Turquoise Threads Blog

From now on we are going to be blogging on Turquoise Threads' site.  We will blog on a range of topics that we hope you will find interesting.  The range of topics will include, for example the latest fabrics just in, new collections to be looking out for, the types of fabrics, and other industry news. 

From time to time we will be a vendor at Quilt Shows, both locally in Northern Arizona and in other parts of the country.  So watch this space for news and information intended specifically for you, the Quilter.

September 27th, 2019
Neddy Horse by Philip Jacobs


This is a new fabric that was designed by an Englishman by the name of Philip Jacobs.  Philip is one of the premier designers of fabrics, particularly for quilting, at FreeSpirit Fabrics -

Almost all of Philip Jacobs’s designs focus on the natural world and his interpretation of it.  His designs, whether for fabric for quilters or for wallpapers, are inspired by his passion for the living world, something that has been with him from an early age.  Further, some of his designs have also been influenced by “his vast archive of 18th, 19th and 20th century fabrics, wallpapers, paintings and brocades”, as well as Japanese and Tibetan art.  He is currently working on new fabric designs for his own label “Snow Leopard Designs”.  He describes these designs as inspired by “exotic cultures from distant mountains and valleys”.  Earlier this year, some of his designs were included in the Fall/Winter 2019 Collection by the luxury fashion house Coach.

Neddy Horse, on 100% cotton, is based upon a horse of that name.  The story behind Neddy is a white stallion that Philip has befriended and looked after, grooming and feeding the horse for a number of years.  Neddy lives on a farm in the county of Surrey in south east England.  Neddy Horse is one of the designs in the Neddy’s Meadow collection, which reflects the plants and animals found in Neddy’s green and pleasant countryside.  Neddy’s Meadow is a part of Jacobs’s Snow Leopard Designs. Neddy has become so famous that he has his own Facebook group – Neddy the Magic Horse. 

Turquoise Threads – – carries the Neddy’s Meadow collection.  You can check out the different degins on our website, and if you live in Northern Arizona, we invite you to come and see the different vibrant colors in Philp Jacobs’s designs.

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